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Rönnerdahls Restaurant

Enjoy Swedish Classics at Rönnerdahls restaurant & cafeteria

Visit Rönnerdahl's website here and book a table!

On 14 June our new restaurateurs Ulf & Anders opened the gates to wonderful taste experiences in restaurant Rönnerdahls in the same building as the hotel.

Tasty Swedish Classics are served here. Everyone who appreciates traditional, good, Swedish food will find their well-known favorites both for parties and everyday meals. Rönnerdahls offers breakfast, cafeteria and dinner.

There is plenty of space to relax in a nostalgic environment. The panoramic windows all face the water, and in fine weather you can sit outside and enjoy the fabulous views and tranquility.

On Rönnerdahl's own website, it is possible to book a table, and to be inspired by their elaborate menu. Rönnerdahls strives to prepare food with locally grown and organic ingredients as much as possible. In addition, most things are prepared from scratch.


Website & opening hours


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